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16 Jewelry Quotes to use on Social Media

from celebrities to fashion and jewelry experts.

16 Jewelry Quotes to use on Social Media

Save time posting on social media with these 16 jewelry quotes from notable celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Mae West to distinguished jewelry and fashion experts like Tracey Ellison, Severine Ferrari and Jessica Richards.

Jewelry Quotes from Celebrities

While you’ve probably seen or heard one of these celebrity jewelry quotes a thousand times before, they will never go out of style.

Marilyn Monroe

Diamond jewelry quotes from Marilyn Monore.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. - Marilyn Monroe

Elizabeth Taylor

Diamond jewelry quotes from Elizabeth Taylor.

Big girls need big diamonds. - Elizabeth Taylor

Grace Kelly

Pearl jewelry quotes from Grace Kelly

The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens. - Grace Kelly

Madeline Albright

Jewelry quotes from Madeline Albright about pins.

Jewelry and pins have been worn throughout history as symbols of power, sending messages. Interestingly enough, it was mostly men who wore the jewelry in various times, and obviously crowns were part of signals that were being sent throughout history by people of rank. - Madeline Albright

Mae West

Diamond jewelry quotes from Mae West.

I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond. - Mae West

Jewelry Quotes from Fashion Experts

Fashion goes hand-in-hand with great jewelry, so these jewelry quotes from fashion experts are the perfect accessory.

Donatella Versace

Jewelry quotes from Donatella Versace

Wear a fabulous smile, great jewelry and know that you are totally and utterly in control. - Donatella Versace

Jessica Richards, JMR trend + creative

Jewelry quotes from trend forecaster Jessica Richards

Jewelry is the ultimate self-expression, a way to tell your story; it's a conversation you are having with the world without saying a word. - Jessica Richards

Jessica Richards is a trend forecaster, brand creator, and founder of JMR trend + creative, whose synergistic focus inspires what is now and next in the fashion industry.

Iris Apfel

Jewelry quotes from Iris Apfel on how jewelry can change an outfit.

I think jewelry can change an outfit more than anything else. Transformation, punch, individuality: One or all of the above are why you should wear jewelry. - Iris Apfel

Masaba Gupta

Jewelry quotes from fashion designer Masaba Gupta.

Layering is the best way to express yourself through jewelry; each piece makes a statement, each piece has its story and if curated and layered well, it can enhance your look and make sure you stand out. - Masaba Gupta

Fun Fact: Masaba Gupta is the first Indian designer to do a fashion show via Instagram.

Rachel Zoe

Jewelry quotes from Rachel Zoe.

I dream in jewelry. – Rachel Zoe

Jewelry Quotes from Jewelry Experts

We reached out to the foremost authorities in the jewelry industry for their original jewelry quotes. Draw inspiration straight from the source of buying, selling and marketing jewelry.

Laryssa Wirstiuk, Joy Joya

Jewelry quotes from Laryssa Wirstiuk of Joy Joya.

Fashion styles come and go and keeping up with trends can feel like a chore. But classic fine jewelry is a go-to wardrobe staple that always fits and elevates even the most basic outfits. - Laryssa Wirstiuk

Laryssa is an experienced digital marketing consultant, coach and podcaster. She founded Joy Joya, a Los Angeles-based digital marketing agency to help jewelry entrepreneurs grow their business so they can add more beauty and wonder to the world.

Severine Ferrari, Engagement 101

Jewelry quotes from Severine Ferrari of Engagement 101.
Jewelry by Valerie Madison

Why just one engagement ring when you could both celebrate and share that you are taken? - Severine Ferrari

Severine Ferrari is the Editor in Chief and founder of Engagement 101, the first multi-media platform dedicated to couples planning their engagement. In 2020, she launched Propose Too, a community of women on Instagram who flipped the proposal script by breaking the traditional norm of proposing to their significant other. #proposetoo

Tracey Ellison, The Diamonds Girl

Jewelry quotes from Tracey Ellison, TheDiamondsGirl

I spend more time choosing my jewelry every day than my outfit! - Tracey Ellison

Tracey Ellison blogger and founder of The Diamonds Girl, travels the world, seeking out both classic and contemporary items from global high jewelry brands, as well as new and emerging design talents.

Emily Kuvin, Jewelry Designer

Emily Kuvin Jewelry Quotes

Jewelry is the finishing touch — the sparkle to punctuate an ensemble and to express one’s personal style. - Emily Kuvin

Emily Kuvin is a professional jewelry designer who creates timely, playful and witty pieces for the modern woman.

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